Remembering Veterans 2015

Tears spring to my eyes and my heart aches.  Men and women of our Armed Forces are remembered today. Many more live in harm’s way as I write. They are making sure it’s ok for me to do this. No words that I offer can comfort those of you who have lost a beloved in active service. Tears spring to my eyes and my heart aches.

The National Memorial Day Concert was broadcast on OETA last night. Today I attended a ceremony officiated by American Legion Post 153 in Wagoner, Oklahoma. It will never seem like enough.


Have you talked with anyone today about the meaning of Memorial Day? Please do so. Remembering why we honor those men and women who have given everything for this country is as important today as it has always has been. Share it. These links may help start the conversation:

The origin of Memorial Day

The origin of the Star Spangled Banner

The origin and all verses of Taps

One thought on “Remembering Veterans 2015”

  1. Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE!

    For all they do and have done to make this country great, we can never say “Thank you” often enough to our nation’s troops and veterans!

    I appreciate you sharing this TJD and always enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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