Stretching the definition of gravy and Hanging out

Remember I told you that my Son is a great cook?

Today’s entry into the Great Gravy Showdown was a stretch but, because it used the same method as gravy making, we allowed it. That and if we would have disqualified it, we would likely be on our own for dinner. LOL.

Yesterday’s chicken, local small batch andouille sausage medallions, onion, carrots, and possibly some secret ingredients were simmered in a Cajun-spiced roux that was thinned with rich chicken broth to make a glorious gravy. Rice and sourdough bread were perfect accompaniments. We’re stuffed. Well, at least the adults are. Seems like kids can always stuff one more thing into their bellies.

And after dinner, we are hanging out. My DIL is immersed in clay slab work, creating some very cool chess pieces. Hollow cylinder bases that we’ll embellish with designs to represent chess pieces. Granddaughter is playing with dogs, making sure they don’t lick her in the face. We found out the first day that she has an allergy to dogs, especially dog spit. Crazy right? Son and Grandson are playing a quite animated video game. Hubs is playing Pokémon. On my phone. Cos sometimes I miss doing daily research tasks and the like.

This is family. We’re here together yet doing separate things. Laughter, some music playing, relaxing. And all is right in this world.

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