Snow and Suzy’s Big Adventure

It snowed this morning. Great big flakes that stuck to the ground. For a little while. It’s still there on the east side of the house where the dog pen is. I thought it would last all day but it warmed up after lunch and the snow turned to just wet. A short hike was suggested.

Now, Grandma does not hike much. Behind the house is a steep climb to what I’ve been told is a beautiful trail. I wouldn’t know. When we got here a couple of days ago, we started a family hike. Straight up the side of that hill. I started the climb trying to catch up with Hubs and Grandkids who were walking the dogs. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I didn’t make it to the top before everyone started descending. Dogs got crazy and the next thing I knew, I was making my way down the hill with Max, while he was agitated and acting up. How did that happen? I certainly don’t know!

Back to today. Son assured me that the trail a couple of miles down the road was a flatter hike and just as beautiful. He delivered on that assurance.

Beautiful hike through a river canyon. Suzy (her bum towards the camera) is losing her eyesight. She found her way through rocks and over fallen branches. And grinned the whole time. Could not get a picture of that sadly. Portia was the first to find the water. Does she even know how cold that water is? And Max, well he loves to be moving moving.

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